Awake Textures

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Автор: Textures

Название: Awake

Длительность: 04:14

Дата добавления: 2016-10-18

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Текст песни:

Man down
This hardened shell is broken
My fate is bound to what I’ve done
Regrets, I shuffle down the hallway
Precious time
It’s all gone overboard
Here is your calm down pill
I’ll never be the same
It’ll never be the same
With eyes wide open
My body’s floating down the river
This life – What have I confined you for?
It’s all inside – It’s all in silence
When the raven gets its way
A million thoughts are swept away
And then you leave it all
You leave it all behind
And maybe next time we’ll meet again
And maybe I’ll be less of a bitter man
When I feel more

I refuse to pay the ferryman
I’m so attached to my temple
He has to burn it down to get me
Ebony demon, shriek all you want
I’m not tagging along
The shade, the burning blackness –
It is my protector
Fear before the fall
I can’t grasp it all
But at least I’m trying
A light, a smoldering cinder
Getting colder, ashen
And letting all this go
I’m not letting go
I’m not really done here
I won’t let go
Life’s too short to be wrong
And maybe next time we’ll meet again
And maybe I’ll be less of a bitter man
And if I could do it all over again
I’d be the same man all over again
When I feel more

Textures - Awake
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