Raise your fist, evangelist Powerwolf

Raise your fist, evangelist Powerwolf
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Автор: Powerwolf

Название: Raise your fist, evangelist

Длительность: 03:59

Дата добавления: 2015-12-08

Текст просмотрен: 311


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Текст песни:

We wait for the Call to break down the Wall
and fight for the End of Days
We conquer the Land with the Bible in Hand
the Glory of War and Praise
Are you praying for the final Grace?
With Power and Pride, and God on our Side
we follow the holy Way

Stand and Scream for all the World today

Raise your Fist, Evangelist!
Raise your Fist, Evangelist!

Get down the Roar we march into War
we strike down the Enemy
In Triumph of Christ no Pagan survives
to Hell if you don't believe

We raise in the Name of God

Powerwolf - Raise Your Fist, Evangelist
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