D'amore si muore Milva

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Автор: Milva

Название: D'amore si muore

Длительность: 03:52

Дата добавления: 2015-08-20

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Текст песни:

when i close my eyes
i see only you
and i feel you
in mine
i believe i understend what means for me
what means for you
my love
when i open my eyes and you are not with me
i feel lonely
you have not understood
what's my love for you
my love don't say goodbye
cause i cannot live without you
my love
when i see you
i see that for me there's no love from you
i look for the love you don't give to me
my love don't say me goodbye
cause i cannot live without you,
my love
my love, for you...
now i close my eyes and you're not with me
i say you goodbye
you've not understand
how is wide
my love for you
cause i don't live without you
my love
my love

MILVA con i Milvi : d'amore si muore. Live
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