It's On Camp Star

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Автор: Camp Star

Название: It's On

Длительность: 04:03

Дата добавления: 2015-08-20

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Текст песни:

Demi: i hope you're ready
for the time of our life
just lok at me
i put a gleam in your eyes
buckle up
we're gonna take you for a ride

Alyson: let's go
we got you going, get in the vibe
put your hands to the sky
buckle up
we're gonna tkake you
take you high

Chorus: show me (X4)
shhow what you got
come on (X4)
ready or not
la, la, la, la, la
let me see how you rock
it's on (X3)
Crazy (X3)
take it over the top
cause we , cause we
cause when we rock
we let it rock
rock it rock it rock it
dance till we drop
it's on (X3)

everybody: okay now , are you ready ?
one two ...

Tess: show stoppin when i step in the place
before it's done
you're gonna beg me to stay
get on board
come on, let's ride the wave

Demi: let's go (X2)
we just do what we do
watch me break and pop
i'll blast it for you
you wanna rock like us
cause we're never second place


everybody: okay now , are you ready ?
one two ...

Francis&co: the-the-the there is no competition
that why we're in the number one position
you crew can't hang with us
man we're too dangerous

Cam Star: ain't got the style or the starmina
just doing my thing
get hooked on my swing

Francis&co: rockin' the place
droppin' the bass
makin' all the girl thing

Camp star: yeah, we make the bells ring

instrumental part

1,2,3 IT'S ON !!

(Merci à charlotte pour cettes paroles)

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