Wishing On A Star Beyonce

Wishing On A Star Beyonce
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Автор: Beyonce

Название: Wishing On A Star

Длительность: 04:09

Дата добавления: 2016-12-24

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Текст песни:

Im whishing.
Im whishing .
On a star.

Im wishing on the star.
To follow where you are.
Im wishing on a dream.
To follow wath it mean.
Im whishing on a rainbows that i see.
Im whishing oh a peole who really dream.
And im whishing on tomorrow rains never comes.
And im whishing on the other things we never don.

I never thought id see the time when you would be.
So far away from home.
So far away from me.
Just think of all the moment that we spent.
I just can let you go from me,we were meant.
I didnt mean to hurt you,but I know.
In the game of love,you reap wath you sow

I feel its time we should make up,baby.
I feel its time for us to get back toghether.
And make the best of things,oh baby.
When were toghether.
(Lets get toghether,baby.
Whether or never

Im whishing on a star.
To follow where you are.
Im whshing on the dream.
To follow wath it means.
Im whishing on rainbows that I see.
Im whishing on the people who really dream.
Hoping all the days to comeand days to go.
Hoping on the days of loving,loving you so.

Baby,forgive me.
Lets make up,Im sorry.
Lets be toghether,breakup?
The love we hawe seems special so far
Til we get back from wishing on the star.

Beyonce - Wishing on a star
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