Keep Me Breathing Ashes Remain

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Автор: Ashes Remain

Название: Keep Me Breathing

Длительность: 02:58

Дата добавления: 2017-04-29

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Текст песни:

We all breath and we all bleed
We get lost in between
Searching for what we all need
it’s hard to see underneath the lies
Underneath the lies.

My mind’s a loaded gun
no one can hear me screaming
Another night that comes undone
You’re the one that keeps me breathing
Keep me breathing
Won’t You keep me breathing

We get up
we get knocked down
we get lost behind the crowed
Looking for a new way out
it’s hard to stand but we won’t bow tonight
we won’t bow tonight


We all breath and we all bleed...

Devo # 33 (Ashes Remain - Keep me breathing) Stay with me, keep on running.
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